I’m Richard Ladson, founder and CEO of Veteran Computer Consulting, or VCC.

I started VCC because I wanted to help veterans learn about computer technology and use their knowledge to find well paid, satisfying work.  Veterans need a way to obtain high quality computers and training as they make the often-difficult transition to civilian life.   At VCC, our focus is on our veterans.

One of the reasons I care about veterans is that I’m a veteran.  I volunteered for the United States Army in 1960 and was assigned to perform scientific duties at the Defense Atomic Support Agency at The Pentagon.  I held a Top Secret security clearance.  I’m proud of my military service, and I’ve maintained the same high standards our country expected of us ever since.  If you’d like to read my resume,  read it here. You’ll find the details of my 52 years of IT experience and a lot more.

Sometimes it’s good to know just a few personal things about the guy in charge of a company with which you’re doing business.  When my grandfather arrived in North Dakota back in the 19th century, he found that there wasn’t much wood or stone to build his house with.  Like most of his neighbors, he used sod, which was plentiful!  While I can’t say I was raised in that sod house, I have a photo of it here.  I did grow up in North Dakota, though, on the farm in this photo.  As an adult, one of the most interesting people I met was John Glenn, the astronaut, and later, Senator from Ohio.  We went water-skiing, believe it or not, and I have a photo of him with his water skis – I’m on the left.

After my career at Unisys, teaching at universities, and IT consulting, I wanted to find a way to stay active while giving back something.  A company aimed at helping veterans learn computer technology seemed just the thing.  With VCC, I’ve put together a wonderful, talented team of experts. While we are best known for cost-effective, efficient supplying of computers and training, we provide services in a variety of fields as well: project management, communication infrastructure, application development, startup management, and business process modeling.

Here is a short video about VCC:

Why not find out how VCC can help you and help veterans?  Reach us through our contact form or give us a call at (484) 626-2280.  Thanks!