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VCC Now Serves Six VR&E Centers

Based on referrals from satisfied counselors, VCC has expanded its operations to serve six Vocational Rehabilitation and Employment Centers:
• Baltimore, MD
• Detroit, MI
• Harrisburg, PA
• Mt. Pleasant, MI
• Philadelphia, PA
• White River Junction, VT

Also, we are starting to work with Denver and Seattle.

Our goal is to expand nationally to serve ALL VR&E centers within the continental U.S.

VCC Broadens its Training Initiatives

Currently, VCC offers face-to-face training for its veteran clients that are transitioning to civilian life.  Soon, we will broaden our training offering to include the following modes of training:

  1. Face-to-face computer training for transitioning veterans
  2. Classroom training for 5-20 students
  3. Online, one-to-one tutoring for a single student via LogMeIn tool
  4. Online simulation of scripted scenarios

The staff of VCC is uniquely qualified to provide computer training by virtue of the extensive experience of its staff:

  • Jeff Ladson, taught in a corporate environment for Comcast and Sprint.
  • Bill Gutches, managed dozens of technology projects
  • Richard Ladson, taught at the graduate level for five universities (St. Josephs, LaSalle, Ursinus, Penn State and Arcadia).  Richard also taught EAI, B2B and Unix at Unisys Corporation.

VCC Continues to Grow

Two years ago, VCC was providing computers to veterans in only one city, Philadelphia.  Now we are servicing 6 cities:

  • Philadelphia, PA
  • Harrisburg, PA
  • Baltimore, MS
  • Detroit, MI
  • Mt. Pleasant, MI
  • White River Junction, VT

Soon, we plan to add Denver and Seattle.

In January 2012 VCC launched an expansion initiative, by promoting its services to 42 regional Vocational Rehabilitation and Employment (VR&E) centers of the Veterans Administration nationwide.

VCC is Going National!

VCC is going national.  Currently we provide computers to transitioning vets in six cities:

  1. Philadelphia, PA
  2. Harrisburg, PA
  3. Baltimore, MD
  4. White River Junction, VT
  5. Detroit, MI
  6. Mt. Pleasant, MI

Now we are expanding nationally, to serve all continental states.

VCC supplies computers for transitioning vets, as well as fundamental training in their use.

Our founder, Richard Ladson, claims to be “The World’s Most Experienced IT Guy”, with 53 years in the IT field.

VCC Expands to Detroit!

VCC has established a relationship with the VA Vocational Rehabilitation & Education organization in Detroit. We provided several computers to veterans in Detroit, Ann Arbor and Lansing.

Our next step is to connect with Seattle and Denver..

Welcome to VCC!

Welcome to Veteran Computer Consultants (VCC).

VCC is a Service Disabled Veteran Owned Small Business (SDVOSB) that specializes in Information Technology.

The owner of VCC, Dick Ladson, claims to be “the most experienced IT guy in the world“, with over 52 years in the field.  That means that Dick was in IT before it was called IT.

VCC is seeking consulting contracts/subcontracts with federal agencies, under the 3% set-aside mandated for SDVOSB firms.

Currently, VCC provides computer equipment and training to transitioning veterans who are receiving vocational and educational assistance from the Veterans Administration.  We have relationships with VA offices in Philadelphia, Harrisburg, and Baltimore.  We are in the process of expanding our scope nationally.